What is KYC? How do I pass KYC?

KYC a.k.a. Know Your Customer, is used to identify a user.

As a stablecoin compliant in the United States of America, USDH needs to identify its users to ensure that our services are provided legally to our users. So as to ensure the security of the platform and user funds. Therefore, rigorous KYC auditing is a necessary process for all USDH users.

All information collected by us through the KYC process will be encrypted and securely stored. It will never be disclosed to any irrelevant third party, unless required by law-enforcement regarding any investigations of said individual or organization.

To pass the KYC audit, the user will need to fill in the relevant information truthfully. Any false information will not pass the KYC audit. Secondly, ensure that the applicant does not have a record of serious violations of U.S. anti-money laundering laws or penalties by the U.S. law enforcement authorities; Finally, the motivation of opening an account should be normal and written in a positive manner. Any applicants who have money laundering implications when using USDH and other illegal operation will not able to pass our KYC audit.