How do I store my USDH? How do I use it?


i. USDH is based on the SLP protocol on the BCH chain, any cryptocurrency wallet that supports BCH and SLP can support the storage of USDH. Badger Wallet (a lightweight wallet developed by the SLP team) and IfWallet are recommended.

ii. There is also a centralized wallet in your HonestAccount. Your USDH can also be securely stored in the wallet we provide.


i. USDH can be used in multiple scenarios as a cryptocurrency, these include payment, collection of payment, transfers and other usages.

ii. Transfer USDH to a third party;

iii. Receive the USDH from a third party;

iv. Use USDH to purchase BTC or any other cryptocurrencies on the cryptocurrency exchange;

v. Use USDH to purchase products online or pay merchants offline;

vi. Sell USDH for fiat currencies on the OTC market.

vii. We will implement more tools to accommodate more application scenarios.