How do I remit USDH back into USD?

As a truly compliant stable currency, USDH not only supports the free purchase from users around the world, but also supports the remittance of USDH back to USD in a 1:1 ratio from our official channels anytime, anywhere.

The process is as follows:

i. Visit to register an HonestAccount.

ii. Verify your email.

iii. Apply to create an HonestAccount and submit the required information.

iv. We will conduct KYC and AML audits of account holders in accordance to U.S. law.

v. Passing the KYC and AML audits will result in a successfully created account.

vi. The user transfers their USDH into our wallet address.

vii. The user submits a remission application through our system.

viii. The system will automatically destroy remitted sum of USDH and deposit the equal amount of USD into the user’s account.