How do I purchase USDH via OTC?

USDH currently supports Chinese Yuan, U.S. Dollar, BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT and other mainstream fiat and cryptocurrencies for OTC trading. Please add @yellowjohnny on Telegram or join the Telegram group “HonestOTC” to obtain the real-time OTC price.

OTC trading process is as follows:

i. Price: According to the daily market rates, the real-time price will be posted

ii. Communicate: Through Telegram, both parties will reach an agreed amount and price.

iii. Payment: The buyer will pay first, then provide a wallet address that supports USDH.

iv. USDH transfer: Once the payment has been received, we will transfer USDH to the wallet address provided by the buyer.

Note: If you are trading via other non-official OTC channels, make sure your money is secure and identify that the TokenID of USDH is genuine: c4b0d62156b3fa5c8f3436079b5394f7edc1bef5dc1cd2f9d0c4d46f82cca479

Beware of being deceived.