How can I open an HonestCoin Account?

Individuals and organizations are both able to apply for an HonestAccount, as long as they pass our KYC and AML audit. To open an account, choose whether the account is for an “individual” or an “organization” based on the account holder’s identity. (Please note that the account type cannot be changed once it is selected).

To open a personal account, the user will need to fill in basic personal information such as the individual’s name, date of birth, nationality, residential address, passport number, professional background (i.e. employment industry, companies worked for, etc.), current wealth and income source. Documents such as a color scan of the individual’s passport and/or ID card, property description and proof of residential address.

To open an organization account, required information must be filled out such as: Full name of said organization, registration information, registered address, beneficiary information and the need to elaborate on the organization’s business model, purpose of opening an HonestAccount, source of incomes, etc. Simultaneously, documents such as the organization’s registration, organization chart, proof of income, etc.

We will conduct a strict KYC and AML audit on the account openers according to the information submitted and in accordance with the relevant laws of the United States of America. Once approved, the account will be successfully opened and USDH can be purchased and remitted. If the audit is not approved, the account cannot be opened. The relevant information for opening said account can be improved upon and resubmitted for review.